Jatropha and cassava cure for hiv/aids


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Our natural treatment is made up of plants such as jatropha with powerful action against the AIDS virus.  It was composed by expert phytotherapists and therefore guarantees you efficiency and rapid onset of action. This treatment will be accompanied by black seed extract.

The remedy we offer you for HIV is a remedy made from the leaves, roots, and bark of jatropha curcas, cassava, and other plants with antiviral properties. It is the miracle cure GOODBYE AIDS  ” used in the treatment of HIV / AIDS. The extracts of the plants are dried and crushed to create a very effective natural remedy for eliminating HIV in the body.

Anti HIV remedy

No need to tire yourself out looking for all the components and lose yourself in hazardous dosages, our natural remedy is there for you. What makes the difference between traditional herbalists and professionals is the control of the dosage. Maximize your chances of being cured of HIV / AIDS by getting the natural remedy now.

Duration of natural treatment for HIV AIDS

To cure HIV, that is to say, to have a zero viral load after test results a few months apart, it will be necessary to follow the treatment rigorously. The treatment will be taken over a period of two months for optimal effectiveness.

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Mechanism of action of Jatropha curcas Red and black cumin 



Jatropha curcas Red against HIV AIDS

First, it helps the immune system fight HIV, and second, it helps the immune system fight opportunistic infections.

Black seeds and HIV aids

The black seed is only one plant ally among the wide range of natural compounds with anti-HIV properties confirmed by experiments. The GreenMedInfo.com database contains research on natural substances capable of reducing the toxicity of antiretroviral drugs, as well as those which directly inhibit the replication of the HIV infection.


  • Jatropha red curcas
  • Nigella seed
  • Cassava
  • Our secret herbs

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How to get our African cure for HIV

You can get this treatment by ordering online or by contacting our experts. You can buy the black seed extract or place your order here if you can’t find it at a store nearby.

The combination of this treatment makes the perfect herbal solution for HIV / AIDS.

From the first month, you will notice a significant relief marked the gradual disappearance of the most important symptoms. So, This treatment is the best natural solution if you want to lead a normal life and grow old despite your HIV-positive status.

This natural solution will also strengthen your immune system.

Order it and start treatment early. Support is offered throughout the period of its intake. To reach us, click on the WhatsApp button in the right corner of your screen or contact us on +229‪52988710‬.

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Duration of treatment :

Our natural treatment for HIV AIDS is taken over a period of three months and is without side effects. A rigorous follow-up of the dosage completely relieves the patient’s life.

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