Herpes genital cure

The treatment that we offer you is an effective herbal treatment to fight against herpes. It works equally well against cold sores and against genital herpes. It is true that herpes can stay in a person’s body for their entire life. But this remedy will make you forget that you have herpes. With our remedy, no more repeated recurrences in the year.

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Herpes: what is it

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Herpes simplex is a virus that causes contagious infections in the mouth; (the lips are particularly concerned, because they are more sensitive); the face and genitals: This article examines possible natural remedies to alleviate the infection; caused by » herpes simplex .

Although it has been shown that the virus remains hidden inside the body for life and that even pharmacological treatment cannot eradicate it permanently, certain natural remedies can be a good help in reducing the symptoms. symptoms caused by herpes simplex , accelerating the resolution, albeit temporary, of the infection.


Natural remedy to fight against herpes

The treatment that we offer you is an effective herbal treatment to fight against herpes. It works equally well against cold sores and against genital herpes. It is true that herpes can stay in a person’s body for their entire life. But this remedy will make you forget that you have herpes. With our remedy, no more repeated recurrences in the year. This treatment when started strengthens your system while fighting the herpes simplex virus.

By increasing your resistance against the virus you may not even have a recurrence of the virus when your immune system is somewhat weakened. The older you get, the less virus infection you will see.

This natural remedy is made up of the best African plants to fight against this very disturbing disease. One of the first effects you will see are shorter and less severe episodes of infection and recurrences that are widely spaced. And thanks to grandmother’s remedies that you will find on our site you will completely improve your body’s reaction to the virus until you have no episode at all.

Our natural remedy is the best African herbal treatment for herpes simplex.

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Duration of treatment

Our treatment will take you a total of 2 months to get rid of repeated episodes of infection. It is a treatment in the form of herbal tea that you will take regularly for 2 months.


Causes and risk factors of herpes

As a rule,  herpes simplex infections  occur when the immune system weakens: in this regard, natural remedies should work by first strengthening the immune system.

Once the virus enters the body and develops the infection, despite treatments, it is never completely eradicated, but remains latent in the body where, however, the immune system is able to keep it under control.
However, when an individual’s immune defenses decline, herpes is able to cause a new infection along with its typical clinical manifestations.

The infection can occur following drug treatments, in particular with antibiotics, or represent the consequence of prolonged exposure to the sun: in both cases, the immune system is fragile, because it is weak and sensitive. Obviously, genetic factors and autoimmune diseases can also trigger the typical manifestations of herpes simplex.

In addition, herpes infection can occur in coincidence with particular situations and conditions, such as:

  • Periods of severe psycho-physical stress;
  • Chilling illnesses;
  • trauma;
  • Hormonal changes.


Herbal preparations

Herbal medicine offers an abundant amount of natural preparations to fight against  infections  with  herpes simplex . For example, certain remedies can be adopted, such as the topical application of lipsticks or creams, formulated with products of plant origin, or even, it is possible to resort to taking tablets with natural active ingredients, in order to eradicate herpes from the inside, strengthening the immune system.
Sticks and creams are symptomatic natural remedies, this means that their use is helpful when Herpes simplex infection  occurs; tablets, on the other hand, being a systemic product, can be used for the prevention of seasonal ailments.

Here are some examples of natural products that can be used to fight and prevent Herpes simplex infections. Among these are sticks and creams, inside which eudermal, anti-infectious, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and immunostimulating substances are introduced.
Even natural tablets must ensure the same actions: obviously, they do not foresee the presence of eudermal drugs, since they act from the inside.


Lip stick

Natural lipstick against herpes

The lipstick, thus formulated, represents a natural remedy for daily use, useful not only to decrease the disorders caused by herpes simplex , but also to prevent recurrence. The herbalist may recommend an application of the product, on the lips and the surrounding areas, two or three times during the day; in case of sun exposure, it is advisable to apply the herbal preparation more frequently.

  • Shea butter  ( Butyrospermum parkii ) and  carnauba wax  (obtained from  Copernicia cerifera ):


  • The Benefits of Shea Butter for Men |  Modern Gentleman


the choice of these natural remedies for the preparation of the stick is useful for coating the product, giving it emollient and protective properties. In addition, considering that the herbal preparation must remain solid at room temperature (to be applied to the lips), the use of carnauba wax is particularly suitable for giving stability and structuring the stick.

  • Porphyra umbilicalis  :

Why Sequence Porphyra umbilicalis?  - DOE Joint Genome Institute

it is a red algae, better known under the name of “nori”, rich in mucilage. This natural product is found in a herbal formulation against herpes not so much for its ability to fight the virus, but rather to protect damaged skin from flaking (symptom following the attack of the virus). In nori algae, abundant amounts of gamma-linolenic acid are recorded, which is essential for regenerating membrane phospholipids of fibroblasts. The application of a nori-based product makes the skin softer and has a good soothing action. Porphyra is also an excellent natural remedy for eczema.

  • Chamomile  ( Chamomilla recutita ):

Chamomile: The powerful benefits and virtues of chamomile

it is an effective natural remedy to curb the spread of herpes simplex  and soothe inflammation. Bisabolol, in particular, exerts an anti-inflammatory action consistent with a local action: in fact, bisabolol is resolutely selective towards the virus.

  • Propolis:

Propolis: all about its health benefits

 cure natural bee characterized by a mixture of bioflavonoids (Pinocembrin and galangin particular) that, acting synergistically with the phenylpropane, contribute to the antimicrobial and disinfectant. Propolis is a very effective natural antibacterial. Echinacea immunostimulating action is enhanced by Propolis, the presence of flavonoids and vitamin C. Although propolis is an excellent product for the treatment of herpes simplex, we must not forget that it can occasionally lead to dryness of the lips. On the other hand, since propolis is an active substance inserted in a lipophilic product (due to the presence of shea butter and carnauba wax, especially), it is almost unlikely that propolis will dry out the skin around the lips. The only problematic factor associated with propolis is the possible allergenic effect in sensitive people.

  • Beta-sitosterol  :

Soy: health benefits and virtues

extracted from soybean oil ( Glycine max L. ),  beta-sitosterol  belongs to the class of phytosterols and is found in all plants; Soy is particularly rich. Beta-sitosterol is associated with possible immunostimulatory activity, although it has not yet been fully demonstrated.


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